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Kundalini Integration Program
Online kundalini integration, guidance and support program
With regular sessions we learn useful tools and practices which you can use to help integrate awakened kundalini energy into your life.

We use a holistic approach sharing theoretical information about the kundalini process, diet plans, helpful mind sets, movement, breathing and meditation practices which keep your body healthy and grounded and allow for a smoother awakening process.

The practices we learn come from traditions both ancient such as yoga and taoist qigong and tai chi and more modern traditions such as Nutritional Balancing Science, Bioenergetics and Biodynamic Breathwork. 

The kundalini integration program can assist you with the following:

  • Reduce stress and stress related illness as a result of awakened kundalini energy
  • Support the physical body to stay in balance with awakened energy
  • Support reconnecting with one’s life purpose
  • Reduce fear and anxiety related to awakening
  • Support grounding in the body
  • Improve ability to deeply relax
  • Ground and balance the life force energy in the body
  • Relieve depressive symptoms after awakening
  • Increase sense of aliveness.
  • Increase awareness of the body
  • Support your connection to others
Prices for one on one sessions
It is possible to have a FREE one hour call to learn more and see if you are suitable for the program.


A minimum of 8 sessions over the space of 14 weeks are a minimum requirement to follow the program. The length of a session is 2 hours
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