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Release, Relax and Live
Kundalini energy integration retreat

07 May 2022 – 14 may 2022

Have you experienced a sensation of energy in your body, perhaps suddenly or gradually? Perhaps as a result of spiritual practices such as yoga, breathwork or meditation? Or suddenly following a traumatic event, a loss, or after the use of drugs such as ayahuasca or other?

Whether you’ve had a Kundalini Awakening or are feeling symptoms of this, are curious about the process of awakening Kundalini or are looking for support for a Kundalini Awakening, you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you experience some of the following symptoms:

– A heightened awareness.
– A sensation of energy which can feel strong or painful.
– Shaking, jerking of the body.
– Strong emotions.
– Other sensory changes, intense cold or heat.
– Intense waves of bliss and bodily pleasure.
– A feeling of sensory overload: everything is ‘too much’.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms then it can be that you have experienced or are experiencing an energetic awakening, also known as a kundalini awakening or spiritual emergence.

Our week long Release, Relax,
Live course in Marbella, Spain!

We will be sharing these useful practices during our Release, Relax and Live retreat. With our team, Lara, Frederikke and Arie we want to support you with giving an understanding of this life force energy and a set of practices and lifestyle skills which facilitate and help integrate it into your life.

We want to share this in a supportive group of people to grow and develop together in this transformational journey. We find it so important that people grasp this experience and see it as a life changing experience for the better, not something to be feared or misunderstood.


We will be practicing Yoga, Healing Tao qigong and meditation, Biodynamic Breathwork, clowning (big fun!), Bioenergetics, massage and Reconnective Dance.

We will teach these practices in such a way that you can learn them and integrate them into your life, tools which you can use at home.

What can this energy bring you if integrated properly into your life?

– A greater connection with yourself and with others.
– A connection to the spiritual aspect of life.
– A more developed sense of self.
– A more joyful experience of life.
– Personal empowerment.
– A greater purpose in your actions.
– Increased creativity.
– Increased bodily and mental function.


We will share practices from different traditions and disciplines both ancient and new that help release physical tension and trauma from the body so that we can create a pathway for our life force energy to flow freely and express itself. The practices will support the integration of life force energy into the body.


Relaxing is very important in between our practice and information sessions, to help the body and mind integrate the information and different experiences. Our location is very peaceful and there are many places to relax and enjoy the nature and warm weather. Let your body restore and give life to the new you!


Then it’s time to live! We encourage you in this week together to integrate your energy into your life. We encourage you to discover how you yearn to live in your life and what you would love to share, what brings you joy! Playfulness and creativity will be an important element of this retreat.

Event details:

We will be hosting this week long transformational program in the south of Spain in the Penascal villa in the beautiful mountains of Marbella, overlooking the hills and over the Mediterranean ocean to Morocco. It is a space which can hold a small group, and we find this perfect for the week long together.

Start: Saturday 07 May 2022 at 19:00
End: Saturday 14 may 2022 at 14:00



The costs for the 7 day retreat are €1333 including:

– 4 hours of transformative classes and workshops per day, for 6 days.
– 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily.
– Snacks, tea, coffee.
– Accommodation (shared twin bedroom).
– Excursion to nature and trip to the Mediterranean ocean.
– Dinner together during excursion.

A €300 deposit is required to secure your space for the retreat.

It is possible to fly to Malaga and from there you have multiple options to come to the retreat location.

If you want to sign up or have any questions regarding the retreat or the facilities please contact us via mail. We want to be sure that you are a match for this retreat. Spaces are limited as it will be an intimate gathering!

With love, Arie, Lara and Frederikke.

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