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I started practicing and studying various movement, breathing, body awareness and meditation practices after experiencing problems with my health which were present throughout my childhood and adolescence.

I experienced severe back pain, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, brain fog and hyperactivity. At one point at the age of eighteen my body ‘broke’ like a plank of wood would.

Once it broke it was a real challenge to repair. The plank could no longer handle the stress of the unhealthy lifestyle I was living.

I was inspired to find natural solutions to heal, practices which I would practice daily such as yoga and meditation, changing diet and lifestyle habits. This inspired me to share what I had learned to help others heal.

“I’m inspired by natural solutions”

This new lifestyle led up to a powerful spiritual awakening of spiritual energy, also known as kundalini energy, after practicing kundalini yoga practices. This awakening was a profound transformative experience with challenges and confrontations. It was extremely challenging to do usual tasks and live a normal life as I had done before this experience.

It was an experience which was not understood by my surroundings at the time. I experienced unresolved emotions and trauma surfacing as my energy body was experiencing a transformation. Ii was difficult to stay grounded.

This led me on a path of studying, learning and understanding how to integrate this spiritual energy into daily life. I now share Kundalini Integration programs which are the result of my studies and experiences with many students. I share this program for people who like me experience profound spiritual emergence / kundalini awakenings and who do not have the knowledge or tools to integrate this experience. 


I trained to learn and teach the Universal Healing tao System which I find is a great system to cultivate life force energy and to balance and feel grounded while experiencing awakened kundalini energy.

I also finished a teachers training in the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System, which was a great experience for my own healing, and a great opportunity to assist people to heal from chronic stress, pain, unresolved emotions and trauma.

Since I was a child I have always been making music, playing in a band with my family and with friends. more and more I was attracted to electronic dance music and being inspired by the trance induced healing experiences through dance, movement, breathing and meditation.

As I was studying music composition and production in the music school of technology I was inspired to make a study and combine music with the movement, breathing and meditation practices I had learned in order to make them more accessible and effective.

It was interesting to be part of electronic dance music culture while also having this background in breathwork, yoga, meditation and taoist practices.

I experimented combining these disciplines in order to reach a sustainable level of bliss, health, joy and inner peace, instead of energy being temporarily heightened by stimulants or recreational drugs or psychedelics.

This has led to the movement, meditation, breathwork, music and reconnective dance courses and programs which I offer today. I hope to meet you in person, I hope I can be useful for you! 

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